A look at the Components of a Forklift Truck

Published: 18th April 2011
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Forklifts play a major role in warehouses and distribution centers. For the right business, they can prove to be a huge money saver. Fork lift Kansas can eliminate the role of manpower to a great extent. Interestingly, forklift truck Kansas can support loads up to 5 tons. These mini-trucks are built with certain features, components and controls to deliver robust performance to lift truck Kansas users.

Used forklifts in Kansas can also handle mammoth amount of weight, which is why they are in great demand as well. In addition to new and used forklift trucks, forklift rental in Kansas are also considered by people, especially by those who don't have a lavish budget. A regular forklift truck consists of numerous components. It helps to know to about these components, if you are interested in purchasing a used or a new fork lift truck. Let's have a look at the components of forklift trucks.

Starting with the truck frame, it's the base of the forklift that is responsible for connecting all parts of a forklift truck such as the wheels, mast, power source, overhead guard etc. Moving on to the other components of a forklift truck, the cab contains the control pedals, switches, dashboard, steering and a place for an operator to be seated. The cab area is usually covered by an overhead guard assembly.

Overhead guard is a metal roof that is supported at every corner of the cab by posts. It protects the operator from all kinds of suspended objects at the working site. Counterweight is another important component of a forklift truck. Basically, it's a heavy cast iron mass attached to the read of the frame. It does a great job of counterbalancing the load lifted by the mini truck.

Talking about power source, it contains a combustion engine that runs on any of these sources-diesel, gasoline, CNG gas or LP gas. Those who have purchased electric forklifts make use of batteries to supply power to the electric motor. Moving on to the Mast, it's a vertical arrangement that helps to lower or raise the load. It's composed of interlocking rails. These interlocking rails do a wonderful job of providing cross stability. It's generally operated by one or more hydraulic cylinders.

You will witness tilt cylinders placed on the mast and the truck frame. It's responsible for providing support to the mast with the load to the carried. Moving on to carriage, it's a vital part that holds the attachments or forks. With the aid of hydraulic cylinder or chains, it navigates up and down the mast tracks. Attachments are basically fork-like ends that engage a load. These are some of the vital components of a forklift truck. It helps a great deal to have knowledge about these parts, especially when you are looking to buy a forklift truck in the near future. You will have a good idea about the parts that you need to inspect before finalizing the deal.

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