How to check out a Used Forklift Truck before buying it?

Published: 10th May 2011
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It's no secret to learn that most companies in Connecticut are seen throwing an arm and a leg to keep their costs down. Considering the present business scenario, it won't be an understatement to claim that good numbers of business owners can't afford to spend their money on a forklift truck. The fact that fork lift Connecticut truck has the ability to improve one's productivity by leaps and bounds, numerous companies out there can't afford to ignore it for too long. The good news is that the purchase of forklift truck Connecticut is not confined to a new vehicle. Used forklifts in Connecticut can also be acquired by business owners who are facing a financial crunch. In addition to this, forklift rental in Connecticut can also help one stretch their money. With wide variety of used lift truck Connecticut available for sale, one is advised to pay heed to the below mentioned pointers while purchasing a used forklift truck

First and foremost, you will have to check how well the vehicle has been maintained. You can request for repair logs and other details of the maintenance work carried out on the vehicle in the past few months. If the forklift truck has been used extensively for a long period of time without proper maintenance, it might not be able to handle good amount of load. So, be sure to check how much weight the vehicle can manage. Your best bet would be to undergo a test drive to check the performance of the used vehicle. You will also need to check if the attachments are in working condition or not. Besides this, you need to inspect for leaks in the cylinder, engine and other vital areas. Stay away from vehicles that have gone through extensive wear and tear. Needless to say, such vehicles will come cheap, but they will break down very soon down the line. Subsequently, you will have to spend loads of money towards repair work. Not to forget the time lost in the process.

The forks of the forklift truck would require an inspection as well. The tyres should be checked as well. Because the tyres bear the brunt all the time when the vehicle is on the site, wear and tear of the tyre is a common sight. You might have to replace them if they are not in a good condition. Therefore, it's a must to inspect them before the deal is finalized. Last but not the least, one should check if the safety equipments included in the mini truck are in place or not. They should be in a sound condition as well. Never choose a forklift truck just because it's cheap. As the experts say, "Always choose quality over cost". The same logic applies with the purchase of a used forklift truck. Remember, if it's too good to be true then it may not be true. So, make a decision wisely to ensure that you don't repent over your choice in the days to come.

Buying used forklifts in Connecticut can be a big money saving option, make sure you get an expert to check the forklift truck in Connecticut before you make a payment.

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