What Lifespan can I expect from a Forklift Truck?

Published: 17th May 2011
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Forklift trucks DC have evolved hugely over the year. Today, there are many different types of forklift trucks available in the market. Fork lift DC trucks are known for their robust performance. They are instrumental in enhancing business productivity for warehousing and other businesses out there that require transportation of heavy loads from one place to another. The fact that one has to spend thousands of dollars towards the acquisition of a forklift truck, one expects long lasting companionship over here. Acquisition of used forklifts in DC is also a common sight today in addition to forklift rental in DC. However, one expects good lifespan with the purchase of a used forklift as well. So, what kind of lifespan can you expect from a forklift truck?

As such, there are many factors that determine the lifespan of a forklift truck. Typically, one can enjoy up to 12,000 hours or 500 days of continuous work from a forklift truck. A new forklift truck can also last for more than 20 long years. On an average, one can expect a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Needless to say, the lifespan can be higher or lower depending upon the wear and tear undergone by the vehicle. How well the vehicle is maintained will also play a major role over here in determining the lifespan of the forklift truck. Just like any other machinery, if the forklift truck is regularly inspected and maintained, it will offer long lasting companionship. On the other hand, if one tends to take these things for granted, the vehicle will break down prematurely. Subsequently, one won't be able to enjoy a long lasting companionship.

The parts used in the formation of a forklift truck will also determine the lifespan of a forklift truck. If the vehicle parts are strong and sturdy, one can expect a great lifespan. Not to forget the fact that the vehicle will run properly if the parts are in a good condition. Worn out parts will require periodic replacement, especially when the vehicle is used aggressively. Forklift truck is not a maintenance free work. It requires proper inspection and maintenance on regular basis. Vehicle owners who pay heed to this fact are able to make the most of the forklift truck. The type of forklift truck chosen by you will also be instrumental in determining the lifespan that you will be able to enjoy with the acquisition of a forklift truck. For instance, electric forklift truck last longer than gas powered forklift trucks. Gas powered forklift emit residues from the engine. As the result, the lifespan of the engine reduces drastically. On the other hand, the use of electric forklift truck keeps one immune from this issue. It does not emit any kind of residue that can impact the performance of the vehicle in the long run. Therefore, electric forklift trucks are known to offer one a longer lifespan as opposed to gas powered forklift trucks.

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